Bamboo Paddle Skewers

Bamboo Paddle Skewers

Sold in 5 sizes. Pack contains 1,000 skewers. 

Biodegradable/compostable bamboo skewers are designed with paddle ends for easy handling.  Strong, durable, and heat-resistant.  Fit perfectly into the Bamboo Appetizer Tower and Bamboo Pick Stand/Skewer Holders (sold separately on our website).

2.5 inches:  Mini appetizers and hors d'oeuvres. Ideal for garnishing cocktails with bite-sized appetizers and snacks. Excellent for serving individual shrimp, mini steak or chicken bites, and cubed cheeses at buffets and catered events. They're also great as fruit skewers, or as toothpicks

4 inches:  Fruit slices, shrimp pieces, olives and cheese, and other bite-sized appetizers or cocktail garnishes.

6 inches:  Skewering olives to garnish a gin martini, or for serving miniature Swedish meatballs.

8 inches and 10 inches:  Freshly grilled shrimp, corn, meat and green pepper kabobs.