Verterra Fallen Palm Leaf Plates, Square

Verterra Fallen Palm Leaf Plates, Square

Available in 5 sizes.  Crafted from fallen palm leaves and 100% ccompostable and renewable. Note:  Plates will have natural variations in color.  Pack of 25.  Contact us for special pricing on larger orders.

10" x 10":  A great option for serving entrees. Its large size will easily fit a main dish, along with two robust sides. 

9" x 9":  A great option for serving entrees. Its large size will easily fit a main dish, along with two robust sides.

8" x 8":  Great for salads or as a lunch plate.

7" x 7":  7 x 7 inch Palm Leaf Plate provides a slightly larger option for your appetizer and dessert presentations. This plate can fit a full size burger, or can be used for more generous portions of freshly carved meats at a cocktail party.

6" x 6":  Ideal for desserts and appetizers, or samples.



  • FAQ

    "I can get palm leaf plates cheaper on Amazon. Why should I buy these from you?"

    The sourcing on these plates is completely traceable - the U.S.-based company that sells them makes them in their own factories; nothing is outsourced.  They are created from only fallen palm leaves and water. No bonding agents, lacquers or chemicals are used in the production of these plates.  Many compostable products made of wood,  bamboo, palm leaf, or molded fibers are treated with PFAS to make them grease resistant.

    Unlike many companies that outsource production to cut costs, the company that creates these plates proudly owns all of its own production facilities to ensure the highest manufacturing standards and working conditions for its employees. All employees work in conditions compliant with international standards and earn a steady income to support their families. All workers receive fair wages in safe working conditions and are provided access to medical care.