Compostable Food Ware

What Sets Us Apart

We offer hard to find compostable disposables for your event such as champagne flutes and pilsner glasses, as well as basics like cold & hot cups.  Beyond just plastic look-alikes, materials like wood, bamboo, and bagasse can

bring eco-friendly elegance to your event.

We close the loop by bringing your compostable disposables to a commercial composting facility, not a landfill, post-event.

compostables champagne flutes.jpg

Beer, Wine & Spirits Glasses

Champagne flutes, stemless and stemmed wine glasses, high ball glasses and more.  Clear with no logos to let your event theme take center stage.  Conventional disposable plastic bar ware is usually made of unrecyclable acrylic or polystyrene.

compostable cold cups.webp


Compostables for serving both alcoholic and non-alcoholic beverages, such as coffee cups, pilsner glasses, and soda cups.  We also offer compostable lids and straws.
Conventional coffee cups are coated with a thin layer of plastic on the inside, rendering them neither recyclable nor compostable.

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From casual company picnics to elegant weddings, we have the plates and bowls you need to complete your place settings.  Conventional 'paper' plates aren't just paper - they are coated with a thin layer of plastic, meaning they're neither compostable nor recyclable.

Bamboo, wood, paper, and bagasse/sugarcane materials to suit your event budget and theme.

bamboo picks.jpg


Plain picks and accented picks for serving appetizers, kabobs, and satay dishes - picks also make it easy for your guests to pick up individual portions at your banquet hall or catered event. It's also great for garnishing beverages or loaded Bloody Marys and presents your most popular drinks with a stylish touch.
Made of 100% compostable, fast-growing bamboo.



Your choice of materials to fit your event theme and budget. Whether it's wood, bamboo, black bioplastic, or your basic white plastic look-alikes, we'll ensure your event utensils get composted, not landfilled.
Not all things made of plastic are recyclable - conventional plastic utensils are usually made of polystyrene and are not recyclable.

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We specialize in hard-to-find compostable disposables that caterers and chefs are looking for.  Super-strong, liquid-proof dishes enhance your presentation with an environmentally conscious appeal.

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Unbleached and created with 100% recycled materials, we offer the most eco-friendly napkins available. Beverage napkins, luncheon napkins, dinner napkins - every size you need for your event.

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We offer USDA Certified Biobased Product formula chafing dish fuels that are endorsed by the Green Restaurant Association.  Plus, we can recycle your used cans, as well as your disposable aluminum chafing dishes!



The right sized products for your compost and recycling programs.