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Unparalled Event Recycling Services

Give your venue, catering company, or event planning business a competitive edge by offering our expansive recycling services to your clients who want sustainable events.  Beyond just bottles, cans, and cardboard boxes, we can help your company and your event clients achieve maximum possible landfill diversion.   The post-event waste diversion reporting we provide can be shared with both yuor client base and stakeholders and those of your client.

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Plastic Film

  • Multipack wraps from back of house food prep

  • Ice bags from the bar are recyclable with plastic film. Companies like Trex use these materials to create composite decking, which is created with a blend of plastic resin and reclaimed wood.

  • Shrink wrap around pallets, chair deliveries, plate stacks, etc.

  • Visqueen, or plastic sheeting, used to protect surfaces during event set up, is recyclable with plastic film

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  • Wine bottles and liquor bottles are fully recyclable, as are beer bottles. Clear, brown, and green glass are all accepted.

  • Any glass jars from back of house food prep are also included in glass recycling.

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  • Beer cans

  • Chafing dishes/steam table pans

  • Aerosol cans used in disinfecting, event prep (spray painting, etc.)

  • Large foodservice prep cans from back of house

  • Any scrap metals (poster stands, metal sign clips, etc.)

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  • Cardboard boxes are usually the largest source of paper recovery at events.

  • Leftover flyers and brochures

  • Pizza boxes

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  • Carpet and padding - we can get this material either donated or recycled, depending on the material and the condition

  • Excess event t-shirts (we can donate, or in some cases recycle, textiles)

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Mixed Plastics

  • Pink Elephant Events is able to take vinyl banners and flexible, thin vinyl tabletops for recycling.

  • EPS (Styrofoam) packing material from event signage and electronics, coffee cups and food boxes

  • Water bottles, juice bottles, plastic bottles from cocktail mixers, and back of house plastic foodservice jars and bottles. 

  • Food-soiled plastics are NOT accepted.

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Classic Title


Electronic and Lighting Waste

  • Electronic equipment, used bulbs, cables, batteries

  • Anything with a plug that would otherwise be landfilled

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Organic Waste

  • Food scraps from back of house food prep, plate scrapings (including bones, fats, and meats), and compostable foodware, paper or bamboo napkins and paper towel.

  • Uneaten prepared food, unused bottled nonalcoholic beverages, and unused packaged food

  • Flowers and other natural items used in centerpieces, place settings, and decoration

  • Oils from deep fryers and other sources of food prep oils

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Classic Title


Leftover Event Swag

  • Tshirts

  • Toys, balls, frisbees, mugs

  • Packaged food with commemorative labeling

  • Chip clips, USB drives, hand held fans, reusable bags

  • We can usually accept most of these items for donation. But consider skipping or cutting back on them. Choose what you order carefully, as some items are better for donation than others. No one really wants hundreds of leftover key rings!

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