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What We Provide

Maximize Waste Diversion


Separate, clearly marked bins to collect and recover recyclables and compostables at your event, as well as bins for trash collection.  We set up bins with bags at your event, and then haul away the bins and collected materials when your event concludes.  We set up recycling and composting in both the front and back of the house to maximize waste diversion.


Ensure Everyone is On Board


We can provide professional, uniformed staff during your event to ensure bins remain clean, odors are controlled, bags are changed when necessary, and bin contamination is minimized (no plastic water bottles in the compost bins!)  We can also meet with catering staff, bartenders, and other event staff to ensure everyone is informed and waste management is consistent in both the front and back of the house.

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Better Disposables


Whether your event is elegant or casual, we have compostable disposable food ware to suit your needs.  From basics like plates, bowls, and utensils to appetizer towers and champagne flutes, we not only provide compostable food ware but we ensure it becomes soil-enriching compost, not landfill fodder.  We offer BPI certified, PFAS-free compostables from World Centric, Eco Products, Bambu, and many more.

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Our Partners Get it Done


We bring materials collected at your event to an industrial/commercial composting facility, not a backyard or farm, so we are able to accept compostable bioplastics, fats, and other materials that will only break down in commercial facilities.  We ensure that recycling bin contamination is minimized so that your materials have the best change of actually being recycled, not landfilled.


Measuring is Motivating


We measure materials collected from your event by weight (or volume when more appropriate) and provide that information to you in an easy to understand format so you can share that information with your stakeholders.   We help you quantify your comittment to greener events.

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Implement an Effective Waste Management Program


Let us help you implement a waste diversion program at your business that your staff will actually follow.  We can provide:

  • In-person or virtual training

  • Collection bins that are convenient and fit your available space

  • Set up with professional, reliable compost and recycling haulers

  • Methods for quantifying your waste diversion efforts to share your progress with stakeholders

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